Loss Weight by Gardening

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by Joe Mudd on February 1, 2010

in Weight Loss Gardening

Need to loose weight?

Like good food?

Love to snack?

You can snack like crazy, eat really great food and still shed pounds and inches.

Fancy contraptions really won’t help you lose that flab. Sorry.

There’s just one secret to weight loss – burn more calories than you consume. Growing a Weight Loss Garden helps you do that.

Eating lot’s of great home-grown fruits, berries and vegetables is a good way to eat more but consume fewer calories.

And being in the garden burns calories in a pleasant- almost spiritual way.

Photo Credit: jbcurio (via Flickr)


Plant Hardiness

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Here in Kentucky it’s time to get started with plans for the fall garden. This second growing season is often the best. Many of the problems we have with insect pests are reduced as the weather cools, and we sidestep the insects live cycle. So I’ve begun planning for the fall. Timing on fall planting […]

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Tomato Disease Resistance Codes Decoded

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Tomatoes are America’s favorite garden vegetable. One big reason for that is tomatoes are pretty easy to grow. Still, there are problems you could face when you’re growing them. If you’ve experienced difficulty raising “maters”, you may be interested in some disease resistant varieties and hybrids. But codes like “VF”, “VFFA”, and “VFNT” can be […]

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Choose Healthy Plants For A Healthy You

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Spring, that exciting time of year when we gardeners start seeing big red tomatoes dancing in our dreams. We’re ready to plant something. You want to grow great healthy garden crops that will help you shed pounds and be a healthier you, right? One of the keys for success in the garden is to start […]

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Removing Suckers From the Tomatoes

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The Problem With Tomato Plants Tomato plants form what are called suckers. Suckers form at the junction of the main trunk of the tomato plant with the branches. If left alone tomato plant suckers will develop into full fledged branches. This will make a nice full bushy plant. But most experts tell you to remove […]

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Do Tomatoes Like Marigolds?

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Organic gardening gurus preach the benefits of companion planting. What is companion planting? Some plants help one another when they’re planted together. They may just grow faster, bigger, and stronger together. Or one plant might repel bugs that would harm the other plant. One of the plants that has bug repelling power is the marigold. […]

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Get Sunshine, Lose Weight

Weight Loss Gardening
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You can lose weight by working in a garden. That’s one of the core ideas of this site. Gardening can be a weight-loss tool in many ways. One of those is sunshine. When you work in your garden you soak up sunshine… unless you garden at night. Contrary to currently popular lore, the sun is […]

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The Compost Project

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Compost is the mother’s milk of gardening. Good compost just has that “smell of the earth”; that great aroma that makes plants want to grow just because of the smell. You know how the aroma just lifts you up when you walk into a bakery and smell all those fresh baked goodies? I think the […]

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Tomato Planting Time

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The tomato call. “The tomato plants are already too tall. You need come get them today, before the rain gets here.” That was my dad’s message late in Mother’s Day afternoon. Dad is the tomato plant supplier for our whole family. He starts the plants from seed and passes the plants to us. So we […]

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First Garden Goodies for 2010

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I harvested the first goodies from the garden for this year. Radishes. I just picked a few of them. Took them in and shared them with my wife. They were nice and crispy and just a little tangy. Just like I like them. The plan was to gather several more along with some of the […]

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Moon Phase Gardening

Gardening Tips
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If you have ever talked to any old farmers you’ve probably heard of planting by the moon. This is planting a garden and harvesting according to what phase the moon is in. Mr. Carriss, who used to farm the fields beside my house, used to tell me about it. He would even use moon phases […]

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