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by Joe Mudd on February 14, 2010

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When I was growing up one of the most exciting times was when the Sears Wish Book came. I remember spending hours looking through the pages and pages of toys and dreaming about all the fun I could have with them.

Now I’m all grown up and my wish book has changed. Now I like to read gardening catalogs and dream about all the great food I could grow. Now is garden planning time and the best time to enjoy a few good garden catalogs.

I still love the print versions, but I also enjoy surfing seed and garden supply websites.

Here are just a few to check out:

Brown's Omaha Plant FarmBrown’s Omaha Plant Farm

Specializing in onion plants.


Burgess Seed CompanyBurgess Seed & Plant Company

Offer a full line of seeds and plants for your garden. Alos have tools and supplies.


Burpee Garden supply companyBurpee

Burpee is one of the biggies in the garden seed and supply world. I buy mostly Burpee seeds because they’re sold at my local Walmart. But I still like the catalog for dreaming value and the selection is much greater than what’s available at Walmart.


Doyle's Thornless BlackberryDoyle’s Thornless Blackberry

Doyle’s offers their own variety of thornless blackberry that I plan to try. The yield claims are amazing. Blackberries are great snacks and I like em in my oatmeal too.


Heirloom and organic garden seed. Some seeds for plant varieties you can’t find at the big seed companies.


Fedco Seed CompanyFedco Seed Company

Fedco Seed Company offers lots of untreated seed. If you want the ultimate in organic gardening, untreated seed is where you start.


Johnny's Selected SeedsJohnny’s Selected Seeds

Johnny’s offers a huge catalog with seeds or plants for just about anything you’d want to grow.


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