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by Joe Mudd on February 20, 2010

in Onions

Are you sick of winter? Have you been cooped up inside for months? Getting cabin fever? Does the spring garden seem like a far off dream?

Well, think onions!

Onions are one of the first plants you can put in the garden. If cabin fever leaves you the need for dirt under you finger nails, planting onions is one of the fastest cures.

I just ordered a bunch – well, three bunches really. I should be able to put them in the ground right now.

I ordered mine from Brown’s Omaha Plant Farms in Omaha, TX.

They make it easy to figure out which varieties are best for your area of the country. Their catalog has maps of the country sliced up into three sections – south, middle and north – with the best varieties for each area.

I’m in the Intermediate Day Variety area – the middle section.

I ordered one bunch – 55 to 75 plants – of each of the three onions recommended for my area.

I can’t wait to get them and set them out in the snow.

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