Get Sunshine, Lose Weight

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by Joe Mudd on May 18, 2010

in Weight Loss Gardening

You can lose weight by working in a garden. That’s one of the core ideas of this site. Gardening can be a weight-loss tool in many ways.

One of those is sunshine.

When you work in your garden you soak up sunshine… unless you garden at night.

Contrary to currently popular lore, the sun is good for you. And it helps you shed fat.

Being exposed to plenty of sunlight actually helps fire up your metabolism. When your metabolism is cranking along you burn more fat.

It goes back to our caveperson days. When winter was approaching our cave dwelling kin needed to put on fat. It provided a store of usable energy when food got scarce. It also acted as insulation.

The body uses sunlight levels to know when winter is on the way. As the days shorten, the body turns down the metabolism and starts storing energy – as fat.

Getting out in the garden, and the sun also lets your body make vitamin D. This is a biggie for health.
Of course you need to take care to not get too much sun. You have to know your limits.

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