Lose Weight the Slow Way

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by Joe Mudd on March 10, 2010

in Weight Loss Gardening

I planted some radish seeds yesterday.

Today I went out and checked my radishes. As you can see in the picture above, there were no plants in sight. What’s with that? I put the seeds out there. We had some light rain last night. I want my radishes now!

And I can want for a long while before those seeds will give me nice fresh radishes for my salads. I have to wait. It takes time.

Weight loss is like that. It takes time.

Gardening teaches you patience. Some things just can’t be rushed. You just have to slow down, relax and give it time.

The best way to loss weight is a little at a time. That’s probably how you gained the extra pounds – slowly over time. A pound here and a pound there.

Your waistline will shrink like your garden grows – slowly, a little at a time. Just relax, stay with it and give it time.

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